Latest Skincare Trends in 2023

January 16, 2023

The demand for skincare products ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has been almost fanatical. This 2023, we foresee the industry peaking as self-care becomes a lifestyle. These latest skincare trends handpicked by us – skin minimalism, body care, skincare hybrids, the skin barrier and men’s grooming – are definitely champions here to stay this new year. Read on to find out more!

1. Skin Minimalism

What is Skin Minimalism?

Literally a portmanteau of ‘skin’ and ‘minimalism’, skin minimalism a concept where we save our skin from drowning in twenty-step routines by giving it only the essentials, allowing it to repair and rejuvenate. The movement lets us embrace our real skin, encouraging ‘natural beauty’. – Having our skin naked, instead of being clothed in layers of makeup. Skin minimalism focuses on providing our skin with products that are truly beneficial, allowing one to feel less of an urge to cover-up with cosmetics with healthier skin.

Benefits of Skin Minimalism

This 2023, we embrace our imperfections and advocate for self-love. The use of minimal product to enhance our natural features instead of covering up or exaggerate allow us to embrace our natural beauty and complexion to be our championed look. This way, we will become more comfortable in our skin and love ourselves the way we are.

Ingredients set into our skin more effectively with the scaling down of skincare products used, leading to less irritation, less redness, less acne and a better complexion as our skin absorb them better. Indeed, less is more.

Moreover, we become mindful customers, placing priority on our needs instead of wants. The trend is sustainable, with fewer products to be purchased and as a result, leaves behind less packaging and causes less product to enter waterways. Moreover, usage of multi-purpose products is encouraged, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

By appreciating the art of simplicity, we reap benefits from the fuss-free approach to skincare, eliminating time taken to comprehend ingredients or what to use. If you’re looking for a cost-effective regimen that is simple to maintain, this trend might be one to hop onto this 2023! 

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2. Body Care

Caring for the Body 

Body care is the new skin care this year, where we see more and more products in the market gradually combining skincare and body care. Self-care has been coming on big, with it viewed as a mantra ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. People crave the experience of personal care at home to give themselves a luxurious treat and body care is one of them. Previously neglected far more in comparison to skincare, it is done taking a backseat.

Notably, the body is an emotional subject with skin being its reflection of emotional and health problems. An effective product with a good formula is equivalent to magic for one with skin trouble. This is why there is high demand for body care products combined with common facial skincare ingredients – be it zesty actives like retinols or hydrating heroes such as hyaluronic acid , as these skincare ingredients help target different skin problems.

Moreover, with consumers now increasingly aware that whatever product on their body is equivalent to product introduced into their bodies, they tend towards products with non-toxic ingredients. As a result, “cleaner” body care products are also expected to be increasingly popular. 

Skincare is a full-body agenda!

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3. Skincare Hybrids

Did someone say multipurpose?

Hinging onto the skin minimalism movement, formulas that combine synergistic ingredients into a unique formula will be highly sought after, especially with inflation and environmental issues – they possess the ability to multitaskMultifunctional beauty products such as “ Makeup that are skincare-infused” (eg. Makeup bases with hyaluronic acid ) and “skincare that doubles as make-up.” (eg. Tinted sunscreens) will be the preferred choice and increasing sales of such products can be expected.

Multipurpose skincare and body care products have gone vogue, similar to that of multipurpose makeup – Double-duty products that tend to our skin troubles, masking our imperfections whilst enhancing our best features. It is no wonder as they save us more time and money, especially with the higher cost of living present day.

4. The Skin Barrier and Microbiome

The Skin Barrier

There is no such thing as a fresh face without a healthy skin barrier. We very much were at one with our skin barrier in 2022 and it is expected even more pronounced in 2023.

The skin barrier and microbiome (or skin flora) are dependent systems, both having the same influence over skin health. Just like DNA, microbiome (ecosystem of bacteria living on our skin) is unique to an individual. Nurturing a balanced microbiome is of paramount importance – a well-balanced one promotes skin more resistance and resilience, improving the skin barrier. 

As mentioned in 2022 skincare trends fermented ingredients are nutritious for our skin flora. Besides that, bio-hacking allows us to control our biology via making smart lifestyle choices and utilising food supplements.

In line with maintaining the microbiome, barrier repair still is an inspiration to skincare trends. When disrupted by skin stressors,  skin conditions can be exacerbated, leading to more serious conditions like rosacea and acne. A lesson learnt would be to use products with ingredients gentle on the skin, so as to avoid a weakening our skin barrier. However, all hope is not lost if the deed has been done! Barrier repair products may just be prince charming here to save the day, packed with balancing ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid helping one restore a healthy complexion. Besides that, experimenting with skin cycling may help as well.

5. Men's Grooming

When men and skin come together

Traditionally, men’s grooming products include toiletries and shaving products. In comparison to present day, the latest addition – men beauty products – have taken the world by storm.

Valued at USD 202.6 billion in 2022 with a projected CAGR expansion of 8.0% from 2023 to 2030, the global men’s grooming products market is booming.  This is driven by metrosexual men and the burgeoning influence of celebrities and influencers. With changing perceptions surrounding skincare in men, men are increasingly taking extra care of themselves – grooming, healthy skin, all of which to do with wellness and their appearance. Similarly, with more inclusive brands that promote gender-neutrality, skincare has become more accessible for men. Moreover, with the influence of self-care and wellness, men consider grooming as part of their lifestyle.

To say the least, men require a solid skincare routine and are spoiled with brands embracing this up-and-coming market. 2023 is all about looking after yourself and we will be seeing men doing just that.

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