Working at Maha

At Maha, we offer more than just a job; we provide a dynamic and enriching career experience that spans regions and industries and regions, empowering you to grow personally and professionally. Here's why you should join us:

Global Reach and Regional Exposure

With 19 offices across 12 countries in Asia and partners from all over the world, we offer unparalleled opportunities for regional exposure and professional growth, allowing you to gain valuable insights into diverse markets and cultures with our interconnected teams. 

Diverse Business Units and Industry Opportunities

With multiple business units spanning various industries, we offer unique cross-segment opportunities that allow you to explore different sectors and broaden your skill set. Whether it's technology, life science, or manufacturing, there's a place for you to thrive and make a meaningful impact to the business.

Recognition and Appreciation

At Maha, we celebrate your achievements and support your career growth, offering opportunities for advancement and development across different segments and geographic areas of our organization.

Join us and embark on a multifaceted career journey filled with endless opportunities for growth, learning, and exploration across industries and regions. Unlock your potential with us.

Our Core Values

Team spirit

We joyfully combine our strength toward a common goal and go beyond our call of duty to accomplish more.


We reverently recognize all contributions – big or small, and accept each other’s differences.


We consistently commit to high standards – ethical, environmental and social, and uphold our reputation for strength and sustainability.


We enthusiastically experiment with new and innovative ideas to create or add value, and take responsibility to get things done.