Maha People: Andreas

September 26, 2017

MahaChem’s vision is to be preferred partner to its stakeholders. And the stakeholders include its internal partners (our colleagues) that support each other.

Andreas, who is currently working with Maha as an Assistant Sales Manager, was interviewed to share about him and his experience in Maha.

My Maha Experience​

I have had nice experience with Maha. The Maha community has supported me a lot to excel in my tasks and to develop the Surabaya market where I am focusing.

My Passion

I attended Petra Christian University majoring in industrial engineering. I just followed my friends who took this major, mostly doing research in the factory to test out things related to the production process at that time. Then I realized that I was not passionate about production in a factory. Instead, I found that I was more passionate about selling goods and doing marketing. This was because I enjoy seeing many people from different cultures and learning new things in life. I want to experience many new and different things while I am working with Maha.

Exciting Moment with Maha

My favourite moment with Maha was when I got the first purchase order from my customer in my first day of working and cleared 1 slow moving stock (SMS). And it was exciting when I helped Maha to clear more than 10 items of SMS during my probation period.

Final Thought

Maha is a very professional company, which strongly prioritizes teamwork in achieving its goals and mission. I believe Maha is the best place to work to those who are comfortable being team worker.

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