Maha People: Jiem Miguel

November 21, 2017

MahaChem’s vision is to be preferred partner to its stakeholders and the stakeholders includeits internal partners (our colleagues) that support each other.

Jiem, who is currently working with Maha as a Senior Account Executive, was interviewed to share about him and his experience in Maha.

My Maha Experience

My experience in Maha is very different compared to other local companies in the Philippines, because you must be flexible to other tasks not only in Finance, Operation but also in Admin. Although being flexible is a challenging part, I think I have become more competent over the years while being Maha member.

My Passion

My personal passion in life is to guide my child in his studies in school and to travel around the nearby provinces in Philippines.

Exciting Moment with Maha

The exciting moment I had with Maha was when the company outing happened here in the Philippines together with the headquarter people. I was not only able to get to know my colleagues from other regional office but also was able to leave some good memories with them.

Final Thought

Maha consists of different nationalities, cultures, characteristics & personalities. Sometimes, this may be applied as the difficulties during the work, but being in such environment enabled me to enlarge my views and to be more respectful to individual differences. I believe Maha is a good company to those who wish to get exposed to multicultural environment.

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