Maha People: Kae Shan

March 8, 2019

MahaChem’s vision is to be preferred partner to its stakeholders. And the stakeholders include its internal partners (our colleagues) that support each other.

Kae Shan, who is currently working with MahaChem as a Regional Marketing Manager, was interviewed to share about her and her experience in MahaChem.

My Maha Experience

I joined Maha as a Sales Executive in 2010. Besides being local salesperson, I was also involved in other areas such as new Business Unit Development, Digital Marketing, Events Planning, Customer Experience Enhancement etc, working with people from different countries. Overall, I was glad to be given such opportunities to gain different skills and experience from different work exposures.

My Passion

I am passionate in trying new things in my life. MahaChem did provide me such an inspiring environment in trying many different challenging tasks. There are many skills I have learnt along the way. I believe continuous learning is the minimum for success.

Exciting Moment with Maha

It was when I led a Corporate Social Responsibility Project in Cambodia, with the objective to share our knowledge to equip people with capability to produce personal care products to enrich their daily lives. As I was able to help others through the opportunity, I was so excited.

Final Thought

In MahaChem, all colleagues work as a big family. We have people with different talents from ASEAN countries. Everyone has strong team spirit to help each other in order to achieve company’s goal. Besides, we were given flexibility and empowerment in decision making. Hence, I believe MahaChem is a good working place for people with entrepreneurial spirit.

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