Maha People: Khaing

August 18, 2017

MahaChem’s vision is to be preferred partner to its stakeholders. And the stakeholders include its internal partners (our colleagues) that support each other.

Khaing, who is currently working with Maha as an Assistant Operation Manager, was interviewed to share about herself and her experience in Maha.

My Maha Experience

I started working at Maha as Customer Service Executive in year 2014. I have learnt a lot of new experiences while working with a team of people from different cultures. And I am pleasant to find that my effort here is recognized almost all the time. To sum up, my experience along my journey has been great so far.

My Passion

I enjoy exploring new things/places, especially beaches. Checking latest trend in terms of fashion and designs and learning new skills and things are also something I like to do. In addition, as I love to do problem solving, I tend to set my own goals and make sure to reward myself every time when I achieve my goals. Considering that Maha has provided me a good environment and opportunities that enable me to fulfill my passion.

Exciting Moment with Maha

It was my first company trip to Cambodia, as it was my first trip with my co-workers to new place with new faces. I got to know more about my colleagues during the trip and it was, indeed, a memorable trip.

Final Thought

Maha working environment is very flexible and open to ideas, suggestions and innovation. Since I joined Maha, I have had a continuous learning experiences with friendly and cooperative colleagues. It is a good starting point for career as it has many regional offices in South East Asia with a group of talented people, supportive management system, and a collaborative culture as well.

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