Crowns that NEVER Fracture – Warranty for a Century

July 19, 2019

Your customer walks in and complains about a fractured crown. You start to ask questions about it while trying to find a solution. You will now incur time, costs, and a dissatisfied customer. What can you do to reduce such situations?

Crowns are often perceived as an expensive dental service, and consumers do pay a big ton of money hoping that their crowns could last forever. Porcelain crowns used to be popular as they improve appearance, durable, feels natural, and is strong. However, as sturdy as it can be, it is not free from wear and tear, stress and strain.

Causes of Crown Fractures

Some causes of crown fractures are:

– Teeth grinding

– Teeth clenching

– Biting down on hard things (like chewing on an ice cube or accidentally biting the fork)

– The way the upper and lower teeth hit when one bites down

– Inadequate preparation of the tooth before the crown was placed over it

– Improper installation of the crown

– Decay that prevents the tooth from being strong enough to “anchor” a porcelain crown

What if, there is actually such a material, that can withstand wear and tear, and even extreme stress?

What if there is a solution, to stop your crowns from fracturing?

The Solution: Zirconia Crowns

As such, Zirconia crowns are becoming more and more popular because of the many advantages they have, particularly for their resistance against wear and tear. And you wouldn’t want to disappoint a customer who has paid a lot for crowns. Here’s a test that Kerox conducted on their Zirconia crowns by running a car over it:

Kerox Dental Company

Kerox Dental is a 30 year old high precision ceramics manufacturer based in the EU, with a production facility in Hungary. We manufacture and sell over 60 million high tech ceramic products each year, specializing in creating the highest quality dental zirconia on the market, which is backed up by our dedicated R&D and engineering team of 34 that only works on zirconia and alumina ceramics.

Need the zirconia crowns with a 100-year warranty? Click the button below to get in touch!

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