Seminar on “A Magical Beauty Beyond Nature”

September 12, 2019

A Magical Beauty Beyond Nature

On 5 September 2019, we hold a full day Harry Potter theme Personal Care Seminar at Citadines Millennium Ortigas, Philippines, with objective of promoting natural and sustainable ingredients, together with our partner, ANPEP and Sinolion. We have a total of 45 participants joining this magical journey!

Some commercial products display to show participants what are the products available in the market which using our ingredients in their formulation.

At the end of seminar, participants are being grouped into 4 according to Harry Potter House Name for Sustainable Skin Care Challenge. This is an interactive activity, where participants able to apply what they have learnt from this seminar to complete this challenge. They are given time to come out with a high Natural Origin Content Index prototype formulation and then make a commercial video for their prototype. Best team will get sustainable utensils set made from bamboo to save our earth from waste.

Besides, in order to promote Sustainable Beauty, we launched Sustainability Ambassador Campaign via Facebook. Participants uploaded their picture with innovative post promoting sustainability. Below are the 3 winners, they will get mysterious prizes from us too.

Last but not least, would like to take this chance to thanks all of the people in the picture below in making this event successful. They have been DIY-ing every single piece of the props for a month, under chief creative director Kris, a great team work in MCP!

We believe that we managed to demonstrate how possibly our customers can adopt natural ingredients into their formulation. We are pleased with it as our mission is to attain “Life Enriching Chemistry.” We will continue to aim for encouraging the use of new innovative chemistry to make our lives better.

About MahaChem

Maha Chemicals Asia is one of the foremost brand name in the Specialty Chemicals Marketing and Distribution Industry in the Southeast Asian region. We provide a wide range of chemical solutions with a deep understanding of customers’ needs across industries, especially Surface Technology, Engineering Materials, Living Science and Industrial Solutions, in 10 countries. What we strongly aspire are the improvement in quality of lives and innovativeness. With these aspirations, we invest our time to transform the basic chemicals into substance of quality composition, to provide the high level of reliable service support, and to develop the great customer relationships.

About A&PEP

A&PEP is a South Korean company, founded in 2001, specialized in peptide synthesis and solutions since spin off from Central Research of Hyundai Pharm Co., Ltd. A&PEP aims to be a beautiful companion of mankind, with their slogan “changing the world with human beauty”. A&PEP has designed over 30,000 different peptides and has developed a novel amino-protecting group, NSC-amino acid, which is currently protected as an international patent. This technology enables mass production of peptides which brings advantage in price competitiveness.

About Sino Lion

Sino Lion is a USA-China joint venture company, founded in 1993 in New York. It strives to develop natural and sustainable ingredients technologies that are innovative and cost effective so that these technologies become the “Game Changer”, “Disrupter”, and/or “Enabler” for their wide use in personal care and home care applications. Sino Lion is committed to create natural, green and sustainable ingredients for the betterment of both humans and environment.

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Seminar on “Sustainable Beauty: Going Beyond Nature”
September 29, 2019