Green Initiatives

Given that sustainability is a cornerstone of Maha's vision, we have actively engaged in a multitude of CSR events throughout the years. Here, we proudly highlight some of our most notable initiatives!

Sustainable Procurement

Supplier Preferred Program

Maha has launched a Supplier Preferred Program that highlights suppliers offering greener and more sustainable product alternatives. Through this initiative, we partner with suppliers committed to eco-friendly practices, showcasing their products in promotional materials such as our “Maha Times” newsletter. By featuring these suppliers, we aim to encourage sustainability across our supply chain and provide customers with environmentally responsible options.

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CSR Initiatives

One of our key focus for 2024 was involving our suppliers with our CSR activities. In 2024, we conducted a beach cleaning event on coney island involving our suppliers and customers to participate and advocate corporate social responsibility among all our stakeholders.

On 24 September 2019, we held a full day Personal Care Seminar at Aston Priority Simatupang, Indonesia with the objective of promoting natural and sustainable ingredients, together with our partner, Sinolion. 


For some Maha offerings, they utilize palm kernel oil and its derivatives as a raw material. We recognize the impacts of expanded oil palm plantations on local communities and on the environment. As a member of the RSPO, we are committed to engaging across our supply chain to promote responsible, sustainable practices in the palm oil industry. In support of this commitment, Maha has obtained an RSPO distributor license and reported RSPO Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) since 2021.

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Endorsement of Code of Conduct

In 2024, we sent a Supplier Code of Conduct to 83 of our key suppliers to ensure sustainability is endorsed along our supply chain. We were able to gather a 20.5% endorsement rate, showcasing our suppliers commitment towards green production lines. We aim to get a 30% endorsement rate by 2025, increasing our participation rates.

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Self-Assessment Questionnaire

In 2024, we sent a Supplier Code of Conduct to 83 of our key suppliers to evaluate how sustainable our supply chain is. We got a 20.5% response, with the mean score being 55/100, which showcases above average sustainability profiles. Out  of them, most suppliers participate in CSR practices such as audits, assessments and contractual agreements.

Green Product Library

We tag our products according to their green properties, classifying them as Conventional, Green and Sustainable. Additionally, we collected LCA data for our top products and collated a product library based on its carbon emissions.


Emissions and Impact Monitoring

In Maha, we believe our business presents immense impacts on the environment, hence monitoring and reducing them is crucial for our next step of sustainability. We measure, GHG Emissions (GHG Protocol Scope 1, 2, 3), Water usage and Waste generated. Additionally, we have employed control measures such as odour management and waste management and trainings to ensure our employees can operate in a healthy and safe work environment.

Renewable Energy

Maha Chemicals Malaysia have recently replaced its current lighting system in the office to Motion Sensor Lighting. These lights will detect if there are people in the vicinity and if there isn’t it will automatically switch the lights off. Through observation, we have seen a rough saving of 30-40% in electricity consumption since 2019. Maha has also been actively integrating the use of renewable energy into our business. We worked with EDP Renewables to install solar panels at three regional sites in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. With this new adoption, we produced an average of 25 mWh of renewable energy monthly, exporting more than 90% to third-party buyers and consuming 10% of it for our warehouse utilities.

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Waste Management

Maha manages our waste in three aspects: packaging, e-waste and hazardous. We monitor our packaging waste in accordance to the Mandatory Packaging reporting guidelines and advocate for recycling, reducing and reusing. Maha also collects our E-Waste using the E-Waste Bin and encourage our employees to bring E-Waste from their homes to dispose in the bin. As of April 1st 2021, Maha Chemicals have collected 16KG of E-Waste and targets to collect 75KG by the end of 2021.

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Featured Green Products

In efforts to meet our "80 by 2028" sustainability goal, our BUs have planned green targets, products and suppliers to focus on in order to achieve a 80% green business. Some spotlighted products include Sinolion, Ascotec®, COIM and Oxytane®. Spotlighting includes featuring in newsletter, active promotion to customers and additional marketing materials.

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Packaging Partnership Programme (PPP)

In 2024, Maha joined the PPP to familiarise ourselves with the Mandatory Packaging Reporting requirements and to build industry capability in sustainable packaging waste management. We also wish to implement outreach initiatives, share knowledge and industry best practices through workshops and trainings to stakeholders of the various relevant industries (e.g. manufacturers, importers, service providers) in Singapore. Additionally, we wish to advocate, and facilitate the adoption of sustainable packaging practices in our business.


Anti-bribery Declaration and Training

All of our employees have signed an Anti-Bribery Declaration Form. They also attend an anti-bribery training (Integrity at Our Workplace) to ensure they are aware of anti-bribery guidelines and practices.

Cybersecurity Awareness Trainings and Agreements

To protect our partners’ privacy, 12 Non-Disclosure Agreements had been drafted as of 2024. In addition, we use Lark to store all our documents and our products library. All data privacy in regards to our business operations abide and are encrypted by Lark’s privacy policy and system. All our employees have also undergone cybersecurity awareness trainings conducted by our Digitech team.

Whistleblowing Procedures

Maha is committed to protecting whistleblowers who report concerns in good faith. We ensure the following safeguards for confidentiality, non-Retaliation and no disadvantage for whistleblowers. Available reporting channels include internal (immediate supervisors, HC) and external (regulatory authorities and established hotlines). Reported Incidents will be documented and immediately addressed by the relevant parties. The reporter will hear a transparent overview of the outcome their reported case.



Our company's core values is TRIP:

Team Spirit: combine strength toward a common goal and go beyond our call of duty to accomplish. Respectfulness: recognize all contributions – big or small, and accept each other’s differences. Integrity: commit to high standards – ethical, environmental and social, and uphold our reputation Proactivity: experiment with new and innovative ideas to create or add value

H&S Risk Assessments

Maha ensures a safe, healthful workplace for all its employees by employing an effective accident and illness prevention program to eliminate workplace hazards. Risk assessment were done to identify, evaluate, and prioritize potential risks, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Career Development and Training

Maha started a Job Rotation Programme to encourage high performing dedicated employees to try out new responsibilities and continued growth as part of our company culture. Employees are also promoted according to a career pathway outlined by each type of role. Additionally, numerous price adjustments have been employed for inflation assistance, performance-based adjustments and variable adjustments.

Women's Empowerment Principles

In 2023, Maha became a member of the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP). The WEPs are a set of principles offering guidance to businesses on how to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community. We aim to continue adapting these guidelines to progress towards a sustainable workplace with zero tolerance against gender discrimination.

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M121S and Employee Satisfaction Dialogues

Annually, M121S are conducted in order to learn our employee’s personal ambitions, and how Maha can help them achieve them. Some key answers included buying a house, owning their own businesses or receiving a promotion. HC also conducts employee satisfaction surveys across all RCCs to provide valuable insights.

Community Involvement

Throughout the year, we collaborated with academic institutions for immersion programs, providing students with opportunities to gain insights into the chemical industry, offering real-world insight on the skills and competencies needed in the workplace. School-industry partnerships are also important in creating a forward-looking, vibrant hub for our future workforce. We also worked together with local non-profit organisations for volunteerism. This is aligned with our commitment to giving through actions, making a positive impact beyond our workplace and for our community.