BIOBASED Waterborne Alkyd for High Gloss Coatings

Eco-Friendly, High Gloss Coatings: Superior Shine with Biobased Waterborne Alkyd

SYNAQUA® 4804 is an APEO and ammonia-free short oil alkyd emulsion designed for use in a wide variety of coatings in which performance similar to solvent-based alkyds are desired. SYNAQUA® 4804 is a product accredited 43% bio-based by USDA. 


High gloss trim paints

Interior/ Exterior primers for wood and metal

Wall and Ceiling paints from flat to a high gloss

Transparent and semi-transparent stains

Direct-To-Metal coatings with anticorrosion additives


SYNAQUA® 4804 can help formulators achieve a wide range of desirable benefits in coating formulations as follows:

blue paint brush

Example of Paint Formulation with SYNAQUA® 4804 Waterborne Alkyd


  • Density (g/cm³)
  • Weight % Solids (%)
  • Volume % Solids (%)
  • VOC (+ water) (g/L)
  • Brookfield viscosity at 10 rpm (mPa.s)


  • 54
  • 41
  • < 1
  • 3800


  • Solid Density (g/c m³)
  • PVC (minus addtive) (%)
  • Gloss at  20°/60° 200μm wet on glass
  • Persoz hardness after 28 days (sec)
  • 1,7
  • 19
  • 95/99
  • 100μm wet on glass 120

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