Filtering Effect of Glass and Sunlight

December 19, 2018

UV rays, and short-wave visible light from the Sun, will cause significant damage to a number of materials under prolong exposure.For manufacturers, how their products withstand under such exposure is a major point to consider.

However, not all products will be exposed directly under the sun. Many times, the products will be exposed to filtered sunlight instead. Glass window is one of such filters. To effectively test the durability of the products such conditions must be considered.

Car seats are exposed to sunlight through a glass.

Properly filtered xenon arc (ISO 4892-2, ISO 105 B02, ASTM G-155, SAE J2527, AATCC TM16-3) provides the best simulation of sunlight through window glass. However, there is no single “standard window glass.” Because transmission varies due to thickness, chemical composition, etc., several Window Glass Filters have been developed for the Q-SUN Xenon Test Chamber. 

Xenon with Window glass filter VS Xenon with glass filter in the UV

The spectra produced by xenon test chambers using Window Glass Filters also covers most of the wavelengths that would be found from the many artificial light sources used indoors (cool white fluorescent, etc.), so it is also appropriate for most indoor applications.

Spectral Power Distribution of common indoor lights compared to Q-Sun Xenon chamber

In addition to common window filter, Q-lab also offered automotive glass filters as well to simulate automotive conditions.

Mahachemical is the authorised distributor for Q-lab testers in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. For more information on such filters, the Q-Sun and other Q-lab products please contact us.

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