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With the ongoing pandemic, besides taking the vaccine, you may be wondering if there are any other methods to sterilise or disinfect your surroundings. There are many methods and UV Light Disinfection is a hot topic now, but you may be concerned about it’s application and safety hazards.

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Conventional germicidal UV light is the most effective disinfection method. However, this method of UV disinfection is damaging to the human body. As such, it is not commonly used on public spaces and one has to evacuate from the area, thus creating much inconvenience.

But fret not! There is one wavelength of the UVC spectrum that is actually effective in eradicating pathogens while safe for continuous usage – the 222 nm wavelength of UVC.

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Filter invented for 222 nm Far-UVC

Based on the ground-breaking research of Dr. David Brenner of Columbia University invented this filter to only allow the 222 nm UVC to pass through. This is the Lumenizer – effective at destroying pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mold and spores in everyday spaces SAFELY while people are present. With our Filtered Far-UVC technology, the Lumenizer™️ inactivates 99.9% of viruses in as little as 3 seconds.

Safe to Use

Lumenlabs™️ joined forces with Columbia Univ. and Fudan Univ. and proved the safety and efficacy of Filtered Far-UVC disinfection technology through extensive scientific research. Filtered Far-UVC is a groundbreaking safe disinfection technology for humans. Lumenlabs™️ Filtered Far-UVC dosage meets the national and international standard (3 mJ/cm2) and doesn’t penetrate skin and cornea, ensuring the safety of occupied space disinfection.

Dr. David Brenner

Supported by leading industry experts from Columbia University and Fudan University, Lumenlabs™ has taken a lead in developing national industry standards for UVC safety and efficacy. We’re proud to have Columbia University’s Dr. David Brenner as a Collaborator here at Lumenlabs™. Dr. Brenner is known as the Father of Far-UVC. At Columbia’s Center for Radiological Research he has dedicated much of his work in recent years to research on Far-UVC safety and efficacy and has published multiple papers in Nature-Scientific reports. In applying his ground-breaking research on Far-UVC light, Lumenlabs™ products are effective at SAFELY destroying pathogens such as viruses and bacteria in everyday spaces while people are present.

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