Which Accelerated Test Should I Run

Jul 21, 2020

A very common and fundamental question to ask when beginning a weathering and/or corrosion testing program: What kind of accelerated test should I run?” It’s a critical question to answer, but there isn’t one general answer that covers all customer situations.

Factors to Consider

The type of accelerated weathering test is dependent on several factors and can be distinguished by:

  • Type of information it delivers
  • Typical length of testing
  • Basis for comparison
  • Type of research and development
  • Type of certification program

4 Types of Accelerated Test

The matrix shown below illustrates four different “tiers” of accelerated weathering and corrosion testing that are most commonly used.

1. Quality Control Test

Typically used as a screening tool, quality control accelerated testing gives a pass or fail result when compared to material specifications. With the relatively shorter test time, they are most commonly used for product certification and research purposes.

2. Qualification/ Validation Test

Similar to quality control, qualification or validation tests can be used for as a screening tool. A pass or fail result is given in response to a reference specification of material or international standards. While the test time may vary, it is commonly used or certification and product development purposes.

3. Correlative Testing

Correlative testing produces rank-ordered data that can be compared to outdoor results such as natural exposure at a benchmark site. The open-ended nature of results often leaves room for discussion and experimentation hence are typically used at the product development stage.

4. Predictive Testing

Predictive testing can indicate material service life but is highly material-and service environment-specific. Data collection for this test is relatively longer than the others but is a good indication of your material’s durability and acceleration factor which should be taken into consideration when drafting warranty contracts for your business.


What can Maha Offer?

All of these tiers of testing serve as a directional decision-making tool, techniques to help customers make informed decisions on what materials and systems to pursue and how to lower the risk associated with those products. Here at Maha, our team of professionals can guide and support your accelerated testing needs from quality control testing to predictive testing. We offer a wide range of equipment and after sales service, providing you with a one-stop solution. Contact us today at sales@maha.asia or (65) 6863 1801 to find out more!

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