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June 9, 2021

Shrimp farming has taken prominence in the agri-food sector recently as the latest type of farming that has gone vertical in the land-scare Singapore. While Singaporeans love seafood such as pacific white shrimps (or 白虾 which they are known locally), not many Singaporeans know how shrimps are reared vertically using a modular aquaculture system. There are actually 4 stages to grow the shrimps and they are the Mating, Birthing, Nursery and Grow-out stages.

Figure 1: Stages of Growth in Shrimp Farming

Maha Chemicals offers automated self-cleaning photobioreactors to cultivate algae for shrimp hatcheries. Traditional low-density algae production uses significant floorspace and labour, requiring staff to regularly clean and inoculate multiple vessels. Our photobioreactors produce more algae per square foot than any traditional method. Compared to traditional culture, our photobioreactors produce as much as a 12,000 L (30 x 400 L) continuous bag system or a 75,000L batch system, but requires only a fraction of the floor space, labour, and water.


Our closed photobioreactors also use a CIP (clean-in-place) system to increase cleaning reliability and remove the tedious work of scrubbing tanks. The sealed tank and CIP system create a pristine culture environment for continuous high-density algae growth.

Do contact us to know more about our photobioreactors for shrimp farming.

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 Prawn farm scales new heights with high-tech vertical system, Audrey Tan, 8-Mar-21


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