Clean Beauty With ANGUS UltraPC

March 10, 2022

What is Clean Beauty?

Clean beauty is a holistic, rational approach to product development focused on using ingredients that are, safe, effective, sustainable, ethically produced, and environmentally friendly. Clean beauty focuses the formulator on utilizing ingredients that are the best of science and nature. Clean beauty are made with ingredients that is not harm human 

Why ANGUS's UltraPC?

ULTRA PC multifunctional amino alcohols are specifically designed to deliver robust performance across a broad array of personal care applications. It has high efficieny neutralization and superior buffering with broad ingredient compability. Enable more robust formulations, even under challenging conditions. It also can be used to create gentle, low irritation hypoallergenic cosmetics. It also low odor and non-yellowing

All ULTRA PC grades are compliant with the most recent cosmetics directives and requirements, including:

USA Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

European Union Regulation No. 1223/2009

ASEAN 2008 Cosmetics Directive (annex updated March 2013)

Application of ANGUS UltraPC

Hair Sprays, Gels and Mousses

It is enables superior high-humidity curl retention and creates crystal clear, more stable gels; Contributes to improved film formation and superior hold and on-hair feel

Skin Care and Sun Care

Enhanced emulsion stability and improved rheology profile; Reduced emulsion particle size and improved inorganic pigment dispersion

Color Cosmetics

Improved application spreadability and pigment dispersion; Improved film development; Increased volume and color in mascara and eye makeup;

Cleanser and Hand Sanitizers

Improve stability with a high-alchohol tolerance; ideal for formulating crystal clear gels

Hair Colorants

Help produce vibrant and natural looking colors while reducing hari swelling or damage

Lab Trial Result


Viscocity Comparison

Brightening Light Lotion using AMP 95 and AMP Ultra PC has higher viscosity compared with using TEA

Hair Pomade

Clarity & Stability in High Temperature Comparison


After 1 week @50°C

Hand Sanitizer

Clarity Comparison


After 1 week @50°C

Hand Sanitizer using AMP 95 has clearer appearance compared with using NaOH 

Are you interested to formulated your clean beauty products?  Our experienced formulation team can guide and support you throughout the entire process. 

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