Herbasolve and It's Multi-functional Efficacy

May 7, 2018

Has many do already know, the main function of preservative is the anti-bacterial effect. However, many formulators have to use more than the preservative alone in order to include other efficacy into the system, and this will incur additional costs to the manufacturers. In such case, what would be the most ideal way to cut down the cost? It is to have a single ingredient with the multiple efficacy. What can be such solution?Herbasolve is the 100% natural preservative (with no chemicals involved), which is cost effective (requires low level of dosage: 0.3%; can be used as a stand-alone ingredient for preservative purpose) and multi-functional.

The product has not only anti-acne property, but also has anti-inflammatory efficacy. It is shown that the P. acne, which causes acne on facial skin, is inhibited to grow in solution with Herbasolve. The similar result was seen even in Disc Diffusion Assay, where it is shown that Herbasolve is more effective than Salicylic Acid, which is widely used as anti-acne agent. Herbasolve reduces NO, and various inflammatory cytokines and factors (TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-6, PGE2) which are bio-markers of anti-inflammation proof.

These evidences can be seen from the below:

Based on the evidences and the data provided, it is evident that Herbasolve can be the solution to the manufacturers who are looking for the natural preservatives with the multiple functions such as anti-acne effect and anti-inflammatory effect.

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