Herbasolve and It's Stability

June 22, 2018

How stable is the natural preservative with so many efficacy? Isn’t it too good to be true? Herbasolve, which has been being promoted over last few months, has many efficacy. The efficacy may include being natural, having quality anti-microbial effect, and having multiple functions as anti-acne agent and anti-inflammatory agent. If you have missed out this information, please read the following articles on Herbasolve:

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  3. The multiple functions of Herbasolve

For your information, Herbasolve is the 100% natural preservative (with no chemicals involved), which is cost effective (requires low level of dosage : 0.3%; can be used as a stand-alone ingredient for preservative purpose) and multi-functional.

However, this is not the only unique value proposition that Herbasolve has. It is also very stable under various formulation. It is shown that Herbasolve 0.3% in water in following circumstance(sun light, 4°C, 45°C, 60°C) shows great stability for 1 month in terms of pH, Sediment, Discoloration, odor, Bacteria/Fungus growth. The same was tested in mask essence, and it was proven that Herbasolve shows great stability. In addition, Herbasolve 0.3% in O/W cream formulation in following circumstance (sun light, 4°C, 45°C, 60°C) too showed great stability for 1 month in terms of pH, Sediment, Discoloration, odor, Bacteria/Fungus growth. 

As the data above shows, Herbasolve is very stable under any kinds of personal care formulation. Is there any other preservative that does not only have multiple quality efficacy but also great stability? If you are interested and willing to learn more about the product, please contact us via email.

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