Hydrolyzed Collagen: Reduce Wrinkles in One Week

November 26, 2019

Collagen is the most abundant proteins in skin, making up 75-80% of the organ. Our body produces collagen on a regular basis, but it slows down with age. After the age of 25, people start to lose more collagen than they produce. As a result, they start to see wrinkles and sagging skin. As this aging process shows, collagen is vital in slowing down aging process.

There are different types of collagen: ordinary collagen and hydrolyzed collagen. What are the differences in them?

  • Hydrolyzed collagen are smaller in size
  • Hydrolyzed collagen has better penetration into the skin

One of the most commonly known hydrolyzed collagen is Marine (Fish) Hydrolyzed Collagen. It is excellent antioxidant, blocking free radicals and protect skin from photo-aging. Furthermore, it is proven to reduce the appearance of winkles by rebuilding tissues and improve skin moisture level. Even though the kind of collagen is sourced from fish and normally has fish smell, our solution has no fishy smell. Our solution enable users to see the visible result in 1 week! So what is our solution? Marine Collagen HD is a natural skin firming agent that is manufactured from Red Snapper Fish scale, which produces hydrolyzed type 1 collagen with enhanced efficacy. It has the following specification:

Analytical Tests



Clear Liquid


Colorless to light yellow



pH (25℃)

5.0 - 7.5

  • No fishy smell
  • Easily absorbed into the skin with smaller molecule
  • Excellent moisturizing, skin elasticity, skin soothing and firming effects.
  • Affordable (Contact us for more information)
  • Improved efficacy:
    • Anti-Photoaging effect
    • Anti-aging effect
    • Anti-oxidative effect

According to the moisturizing test, the skin of testees became more moisturized 4 hours after the application. It can be claimed that marine collagen HD can improve the skin moisturization. According to the Skin Irritation test, skin became more soothed and smoother (Flatter Skin surface) after 1 week of Marine Collagen (10%) application. According to the skin firming test, skin became more firm and less saggy on the forehead area after applying Marine Collagen (10%) Essence onto the skin. 

If you are interested in formulating deep hydration serum with Marine Collagen HD, please refer to the following formulation table.

Formulation Procedure:

  1. Pre-disperse phase A until it becomes homogenous at room temperature
  2. Pre-disperse phase B until it becomes homogenous at room temperature
  3. Add phase B into phase A then mix until it becomes homogenous
  4. Adjust pH within the range 5 – 6 by using NaOH (20%)
  5. Add phase D into the solution at step 4, and then mix until it becomes homogenous
  6. Pre-disperse phase E at room temperature, then add into the solution at step 5, and then mix until it becomes homogenous
  7. Add phase F into the solution at step 6. Mix it until it becomes homogenous and transparent

End Product Appearance:








5 – 6

Viscosity (cps)

20000 – 40000

Our Solution

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