Introducing The Upcycled Beauty Company: Transforming Waste into Beauty

At the forefront of a sustainable beauty revolution stands The Upcycled Beauty, a visionary company hailing from the UK. Their mission? A lofty yet noble ambition: envisioning a future where every beauty and personal care product is crafted from upcycled materials. In a significant stride towards this goal, they were honored with the prestigious in-cosmetics global Rising Star Award in 2023.

What is Upcycled Beauty?

Upcycled beauty represents a paradigm shift in the beauty industry. It encapsulates products crafted from or with by-products, redefining waste into wonders. The core ethos revolves around utilizing overlooked resources—typically derived from discarded plant-based food waste streams—to create beauty innovations. The Upcycled Beauty is on a mission to expand the range of beauty products made entirely from upcycled materials.

Addressing the Food Waste Crisis

Consider this staggering statistic: food waste contributes to 8% of all greenhouse gases, with over one-third of all food discarded. The Upcycled Beauty confronts this crisis head-on by extracting value from these neglected waste streams. Their flagship initiative, Full Circle, breathes new life into plant-based leftovers that would otherwise languish in landfills. By transforming these remnants into unique cosmetic ingredients, they champion sustainability without compromising performance or efficacy.

The Product Line-Up

The Upcycled Beauty unveils a compelling trio of product categories:

1. NECTA® Oil-Soluble Actives:

Harnessing the power of by-products, NECTA® offers potent actives sourced from food industry remnants. From blueberry for blue light defense to hemp for nourishment and soothing, each active ingredient delivers skincare and haircare benefits.

2. TONIQ® Water-Soluble Actives:

A range of water-soluble actives derived entirely from upcycled materials. From barley for ultra-soothing properties to gin for long-lasting moisturization, these actives cater to skincare and haircare needs.

3. CRUSH™ Powders & Scrubs:

Reimagining exfoliation, CRUSH™ presents powders and scrubs crafted from upcycled sources. Whether it’s raspberry, blueberry, olive, charcoal, or white rice, these products redefine skincare, haircare, and makeup formulations while aiding in planet cleanup.

What Can The Upcycled Beauty Offer?

The Upcycled Beauty, as a member of the Upcycled Food Association (UFA), certifies their Full Circle materials using the ‘Upcycled Certified’ standard. While the UFA has established a definition for “upcycled food,” there’s a need for a similar standard in the personal care industry. To bridge this gap, the company collaborates with industry experts to define and establish a more comprehensive understanding of upcycled cosmetics. Contact us today at to find out more!

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