New Fragrance Customisation Service: SUPERSCENT

June 22, 2021

Why is a fragrance so important?

“Odours have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odour cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs,  it fells us up, imbuses us totally. There is no remedy for it”         

– Patrick Süskind: Perfume the story of a murderer –

Smell has been vital for survival along evolution and smell is the only sense that affects memory and emotions. Fragrances are powerful, good scents in perfumes and products make people feel good. Your mood is what you feel at any moment, or what you want to feel at any event or occasion. The kind of perfume you use will help you express that feeling to others. Whether you feel playful or reserved, different perfumes can reflect different moods. It plays a major role in triggering nostalgia memories, different perfumes can reflect different moods. The scents of your signature perfume or product are your reputation. The uniqueness of the scent you use and the trigger, to put it simply, will surely tell you apart from the memories of you.

Have you heard of Scent Marketing?

Scent Creates Heightened Value Perception

While this is a very important aspect of fragrance marketing and its impact on a company’s earnings, only 54% of companies have launched branding strategies that can evaluate brand perceptions, according to B2B International. For example, some high-end stores will lightly emit the scent of cardamom and frankincense through their vents to give a rich or extravagant feeling. Beauty brands that emit fresh and clean scents are perceived by consumers as high-end like LA MER, LANCOME products.

Scent Makes Your Brand Unforgettable & Inspires Brand Loyalties

Scent marketing makes brands unforgettable by using scents to imprint pleasant memories of your product. The pleasant fragrance of the product tempts customers to buy more. One study found that when major retailers used scent marketing in their stores intent to purchase increased by 80 percent. Sensory cues continue to increase sales, improving brand awareness and loyalty.

Scent Can Attract New Customers

Pleasant scents can serve as a lure to potential customers who have never stepped into a product, but what can motivate consumers to make such a decision? The answer to this important business question lies in a combination of factors, but scent marketers know that the allure is purely sensuous. Perfume-loving customers are sensitive to scent and try to find products that have a perfume-like scent, or buy personal care that goes well with perfume.

Scent Helps Create a Brand Image

  Fragrance marketing can be an essential force to strengthen and improve brand awareness because it has the power to integrate brands or products with buyers’ emotions. Scent marketers realize that aroma branding is the hook, and in many industries, it’s the only thing that can set your particular business apart from its competitors. Fragrance marketing enables the creation of new and deeper dimensions in existing brands because it reaches the emotional stimulation of target consumers.

Superscent will help you to create your brand image!

Are you looking for a fragrance that suits your product? Have you customized your fragrance in your product?

If you’re looking for a fragrance that’s just right for you, then ask our fragrance expertise in Superscent.

Superscent will help you to achieve unique and personalized fragrance for each individual not only perfume but also personal care products and you can use it to formulate paint scenting additive!

To make a high-quality fragrance, the choice of the right ingredients is a key point.

We are using high-quality fragrance oil made from natural and essential sources.

Furthermore, we can provide allergen-free fragrances for sustainable growth.

If you are interested in Superscent, please contact us.

Superscent Will Help You Create 

Your Brand Image!


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