Success Story: Helping customer to make a mild and effective baby care line

June 25, 2019

Our client, a local personal care product manufacturer in Thailand, sought a mild yet effective surfactant for their baby care products. Maha provided the ideal solution that met their requirements.

Customer Case Study: Living Science Care Provision of Solution in Thailand

Our client, a local manufacturer in Thailand, is dedicated to developing high-quality baby care products. With the support of our local sales and operations team, they embraced our innovative solutions.

One such solution we offered was WQ1200LG, a lauryl glucoside grade known for its nonionic mildness and rapid biodegradability. The client faced challenges in finding a surfactant that was both mild and affordable. Our local sales team successfully persuaded them to try our Lauryl Glucoside, which is COSMOS certified and REACH compliant.

After conducting efficacy studies, Lauryl Glucoside demonstrated excellent cleansing properties with rich foam and exceptional mildness, surpassing other mild surfactants available in the market.

Our Solution

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