The Latest Vitamin C Derivative : Vitagen

January 18, 2018

Vitamin C is already well-known for its beneficial effects on our body. Hence, there have been many attempts to include this into skin care product formulations as well. But the formulators often faced one common issues from such attempts, and that is ‘Easy Oxidation leading to Lack of Stability of Functions and Colors’.

Hence, increasing stability of Vitamin C has always been the key factor to consider, while developing Vitamin C derivatives. In order to overcome such issue, the bio-conjugation of 3-Aminopropyl phosphoric acid(3-APPA) was adopted. By doing so, the following benefits were achieved:

  1. Increased stability of Vitamin C
  2. Excellence in Anti-aging function
  3. Increased permeability of Vitamin C into skin

The solution that has these benefits is Vitagen (ascorbyl 3-aminopropyl phosphate).

  1. Excellent stability in various environment
  2. Excellent anti-oxidation function
  3. Excellent in collagen synthesis
  4. Excellent in anti-aging function and wrinkle remove
  5. Proved in reducing hyperpigmentation

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