What Defines a Natural Beauty Product?

Exploring the Core Elements of Natural Beauty Products

Natural beauty products are high in demand; however, they remain as a grey area of the industry. Therefore, industries are working slowly to set a standard. Consumers and companies can start with ISO16128, a guideline on the definitions and criteria for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients. ISO16128 is recognised internationally and can help to define validity of claims.

A product can be marketed as natural when manufacturers provide evidence that 5% of its ingredients are natural. This does not account for the whole formulation and labelling them as “natural” will mislead consumers. Because of the lack of a regulatory system to govern the use of such terms, it has led to problems like greenwashing, where companies falsely advertise their products as natural and eco-friendly but in reality, they are not. As a result, consumers are more skeptical about marketing claims and value brands that are honest. Transparency is appreciated and justifying claims and providing assurance will differentiate your brand from others.

What is ISO16128?

ISO16128 provides guidelines on the definitions and criteria for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients. Guidelines include approaches to calculate the natural origin index and content of ingredients and products.


ISO16128 Standards

How to calculate an ingredient’s natural origin content?

How to calculate a product’s natural origin content?

Sino Lion’s highlights

Supplying natural, green and sustainable ingredients is our commitment. Our partner Sino Lion’s ingredients are in accordance to ISO16128 standards and are made from green feedstocks by environmentally friendly processes. In addition, we offer ultimate transparency to our customers, specifying every ingredients’ natural origin index and active concentration. With this information available, manufacturers can indicate the percentage “naturalness” of product and boost their credibility through validating claims.

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