A New Year Calls for A Fresh Scented Wall

January 13, 2022

A Fresh Approach to Air Freshners

A new year has arrived, and with it have come the promise of a fresh start and the desire to make this year better than the last. For some homeowners, the new year is a perfect chance for them to refresh their living space. Aside from changing the color of the walls, or rearranging the furniture, many people use air fresheners to instantly make their room feel fresher and cleaner. Most air fresheners, however, only provide temporary cover-ups and require constant maintenance. Innovation in surface technology is now allowing homeowners to turn the largest surface area in their house–the walls and ceilings–into a long-lasting air freshener and odor eliminator.

Paint scenting additive

According to a survey in 2020, more than 250 million U.S. populations reportedly use air fresheners to eliminate odors and refreshes their rooms. However, the majority of air fresheners are not designed long-lasting and in many cases unable to overcome persistent malodors around the house. Paint, on the other hand, has been known heretofore capable of sealing off malodors. But paints themselves frequently impart obnoxious odor, and if they do contain fragrance, the concentration would be too low to provide the surroundings a long-lasting pleasant fragrant. For above reasons, a number of brands developed paint scenting additives that customers can introduce to any sort of pre-formulated paint.

The invention of paint scenting additive has brought many advantages for customers, manufacturers, as well as retailers of paints. For end-users, the additive allows them to transform the appearance and the smell of their room all at once. They now can custom blend their favorite paint scenting additive into paints of any color and formulation. Furthermore, the relatively high level of fragrance in this additive is capable of imparting pleasant scents during the painting process and thereafter for an extended period of time. Paint manufacturers and retailers, on the other hand, benefit from a more efficient inventories management. They now can formulate and sell the scenting additive separately, rather than stock an extensive inventory of pre-formulated scented paints in a variety of colors and formulations.

What's in the scenting additive for paint?

A paint scenting additive typically comprises a source of fragrance, an emulsifier, and a solubilizing agent or solvent. In order to achieve the desired effects, the fragrance material should account for 60% to 80% of the total weight of the mixture. Furthermore, the emulsifier and solubilizing agent must be relatively odorless, so that they provide no appreciable scent to the final product. A suitable emulsifier and solubilizing agent should allow this additive to be incorporated into a wide variety of paints including water-based, latex-based, oil-based, alkyd-based paints, and the like, without affecting the color or other characteristics of the treated paint. In addition to the basic formulation of paint scenting additive, other ingredients may also be included therein to provide additional advantageous characteristics to the treated paint. For instance, incorporation of a suitable biocide agent is opted to prevent the formation of mildew or bacteria on the painted area. The other option is to include coloring agents and/or glitter to further enhance the commercial appeal of the treated paint.

Interested to develop a paint scenting additive?

Fragrances play the most important role in the formulation of paint scenting additives. At Maha Chemicals, we proudly offer Superscent, a high-quality fragrance produced by our subsidiary, Ecoori. Superscent’s fragrances are derived from premium natural sources. They are allergen-free, long-lasting, and have a wide variety of scents, ranging from fresh and energizing scents; such as orange and grapefruit; to gentle and relaxing scents; such as cotton flowers and vanilla. The fragrance can also be custom-made to achieve unique and exclusive scents. To understand more about Superscent, and how to effectively formulate them into a ready-to-use paint scenting additive, please contact our team of professionals at sales@maha.asia

Develop your own paint scenting additive here!

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