Cementing A Thought With Protectosil

September 29. 2021

EVONIK’s PROTECTOSIL can provide matured technology for building protection. PROTECTOSIL provides waterproof and vapor-proof to structural buildings. Thus, it can preserve a clean and pleasant look for outer façade or structural surfaces such as MRT track lines, underground concrete screeded walls, and column structures. Concrete and masonry substrates need to be carefully treated to provide enough protection to the building, especially against water ingression. 

Pictures of damaged infrastructures along East-West MRT line. MRT concrete structural surfaces, walls and even track lines concrete surfaces is a potential for EVONIK Protectosil system to restore and at the same time enhance the infrastructure with long term protection.

Properties of Protectosil

PROTECTOSIL’s well-designed hydrophobic silane product line brings performance to the system for masonry and concrete substrates making them both hydrophobic impregnation and admix concrete additive. Water beading effect, efflorescence resistance, water absorption reduction are some properties and performance highlights of Protectosil. We can achieve these critical performances with less impact on the environment thanks to intrinsic characteristics: high solid content, high efficacy at low dosage.

Protectosil integrated a solution for protecting, maintaining, restoring concrete surfaces for concrete surfaces. It is a weather protection system for structures in their long-term services against water ingressions and seepages. In this line of thought, our national-level projects like DTSS (Deep Tunnel Sewage System) and Tuas Mega Port will find their performance most applicable to provide long-term service projections of demanding and aggressive conditions these concrete surfaces will need to sustain.

The focus is on developing high specification concrete products for our customers. PROTECTOSIL offers the solution for optimizing and enhancing concrete formulation, cement mixtures, screed concrete, and cured concrete surfaces (i.e. old and new surfaces). The benefits can apply to many types of concrete, shotcrete, mortars, grouts, and concrete repair products.

Subsequently, PROTECTOSIL can apply to New Generation Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC). An enhanced specialized rheologic concrete that flows to hard-to-fill corners and allows contractors to assign a single worker to execute the concreting. Positioned to enhance quality concrete build-up, PROTECTOSIL is a valuable component for Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC). One of the construction trend methods whereby free-standing 3-dimensional modules are completed with internal finishes, fixtures, and fittings in an off-site fabrication facility before being delivered and installed on-site.

Permeable Pavements

To prevent localized flooding in an urban area, the traditional management of rainwater captures water into the sewerage system as quickly as possible. Rainwater is then transported either to treatment works or watercourses. This means less natural filtration of the rainwater flows back into the ground. While the sewerage systems also have to cope with large quantities of water. During heavy rainfall, storm overflows into watercourses are required. Otherwise, this may lead to pollution. Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) help alleviate these problems by allowing superior rainwater management at a level as local as reasonably possible. Precast concrete is key to SUDS solution to the problem of rainwater management.

Practical use of Protectosil

In MahaChemical efforts of Precast concrete market, the benefits of factory production inherent performance allow other functional benefits to be design into the concrete build-up.

Water repellent, fire resistance, and anti-static flooring are concerns of end-users. Singapore’s Urban Heat Island (UHI), tries to find ways to reduce heat build-up amongst high-rise buildings. MahaChemical provides the ability to use concrete as a finish and avoid the need for additional materials – enables project teams to meet and exceed client expectations on sustainability performance using concrete. 

Value proposition of Maha Chemicals

MahaChemical’s technology and innovation through value chain integration. By enhancing capabilities through R&D, product development, and manufacturing process, for complete repair systems in concrete, functional coatings that complement aesthetic and design.

MahaChemical supply chain servicing platforms to support manufacturing companies, construction firms, and building materials, suppliers. In many instances, it covers unique value promotions for the construction materials ecosystem cement, adds mixture, additives, rheological additives, functional additives, designed towards fulfilling performance enhancement, durability, aesthetics, and innovative ideas to protect both new and old infrastructure.

Are you interested in PROTECTOSIL? Feel free to contact us today at sales@maha.asia. Let our team of professionals help you incorporate this innovation into your needs! 

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