ENCOR 2787, Hydrophobic Pure Acrylic For Water-Resistant Coating

October 9. 2023

Understanding Hydrophobic Pure Acrylic

In the world of coatings and sealants, the pursuit of water-resistant solutions has never been more critical. One of the primary difficulties encountered when employing coatings is the occurrence of chalking, cracking, blistering, and flaking as the coating interacts with diverse environmental conditions. 

Hydrophobic Pure Acrylic is a specialized acrylic polymer renowned for its exceptional hydrophobicity, which means it repels water with remarkable efficiency. This remarkable characteristic makes it ideal for coatings that need to withstand exposure to moisture, rain, and humidity without compromising their integrity.


About ENCOR 2787

ENCOR 2787, the hydrophobic pure acrylic binder that’s setting new standards in the world of coatings. Crafted without alkylphenol ethoxylates or any formaldehyde releasers,  this formulation is taylor-made for top-tier exterior masonry paints. What truly sets it apart is its remarkable adaptability. While it excels in outdoor masonry applications, its hydrophobic properties make it a star performer for interior walls, wood coatings, and mosaic plasters. Prepare for exceptional durability, impeccable stain resistance, and effortless washability.

Key Features of ENCOR 2787

Get the potential of ENCOR 2787 and discover a world of superior performance compared to standard full acrylic emulsions. With a higher crosslinking density and an exceptional balance between film formation and crosslinking density, this formulation boasts remarkable water resistance. It offers the unique advantage of fast hardness development while preserving its film flexibility.

The benefits are truly outstanding, including:
1. Exceptional water resistance with minimal water whitening
2. Superb exterior durability
3. Low dirt pickup
4. Alkali resistance
5. Ease of cleaning with impressive stain resistance.

You’ll appreciate its robust hardness development and the flexibility it offers in a wide range of formulations. 

Water whitening testing results of ENCOR 2787 compared to standard acrylic emulsion with 12°C MFFT

Samples were formulated with coalescent for good film formation and applied to a thickness of 150 μm on glass.

Samples were left to dry for 24 hours before they were immersed in water at 23°C for 24 hours. ENCOR 2787 stays transparent after immersion in water.

ENCOR 2787 Application

ENCOR 2787 is your versatile solution for a range of applications. From exterior facade paints to exterior wood cladding, premium interior paints with outstanding stain resistance, and even universal acrylics for DIY enthusiasts, this formulation has you covered. Plus, it’s an excellent choice for mosaic plasters.

1. On Exterior Wall Paint

ENCOR 2787 showed no chalking, cracking, blistering and flaking. It has excellent performance as a premium exterior wall paint.

2. On Wood Cladding

ENCOR 2787 performed very well in the 2-year aged testing of wood cladding on both new and aging wood.

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