Introducing QUAVA AS991 as TiO2 Extender

May 4, 2023

QUAVA AS 991 is an amorphous sodium aluminum silicate powder. It is used as an outstanding gloss control agent in semi-gloss and matting systems. It offers a cost savings solution by replacing titanium dioxide (TiO2) up to 30% once reached the maximum PVC with mineral fillers, adding value with superior whiteness level, contrast ratio and scrub resistance. 

Comparing Standard Paint vs QUAVA AS991

In a study conducted to compare standard paint and QUAVA AS 991, styrene acrylic paint with PVC 44% to 44.5% was formulated. Standard paint contains only TiO2 and in another paint sample, QUAVA AS 991 is used to replace 35% of TiO2. Further TiO2 are reduced to obtain similar level of dry opacity. While in standard paint contains 7% TiO2, with QUAVA AS 991, the same paint is only formulated with 4% TiO2. By reducing the TiO2, dry hiding power will be lower than standard.

Both paint samples’ viscosity and density are observed. Paint viscosity data are shown in Table 2. Paint samples are then applied with 200 µm wet film thickness on Leneta paper to observe its dry hiding power, wet hiding power and its color compatibility.

Table 1. Sample Paint Formulation Using QUAVA AS991

Table 2. Viscosity and Density Data Comparison


Dry/Wet Hiding Power of QUAVA AS991


1. Dry Hiding Power

Based on similar study,  QUAVA AS 991 has higher dry hiding power compared to standard paint.

2. Wet Hiding Power 

With the reduction of TiO2, it is observed that Quava AS 991 has lower wet hiding power compared to standard paint.

Image 1. Observation of dry(left) and wet(right) hiding power of QUAVA AS991


Color Compatibility of QUAVA AS991


Image 2. Comparison of color compatibility (blue and black colorant) with QUAVA AS991

Blue and black color are used to compare the color compatibility, the colorant dosage added is 1%. Leneta drawdown of the paint sample show that QUAVA AS 991 has a whitish tone compared to standard. This indicates that we are able to reduce more TiO2 in the formulation to further reduce the cost down. 

QUAVA AS991 As TiO2 Replacement

By replacing TiO2 with QUAVA AS 991, the dry opacity of QUAVA AS 991 formulated paint is higher while the viscosity and density remained unchanged. In the color base formulas, TiO2 dosage can be further reduced to match the color strength.

Looking for a new filler/extender in water-based latex paint to help reduce titanium dioxide benefitting from reduced cost and equal performance? Quava AS 991 is the solution. Contact us at sales@maha,asia for more information.


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