TEGO Dispers 780W: Safe, Effective Waterborne Ink Dispersant

June 8. 2023

Today, most classical waterborne ink grinds are made in a solution of carboxy-functional grinding resins. And often, a dispersant is needed for viscosity reduction and to improve the color strength.

In recent trends, manufacturers aim to reduce the amount of grinding resin to minimize the effects and maximize pigment loading. For resin-reduced formulations, additional dispersant is required to prove long-term stabilization. 

Challenges in Finding the Right Dispersant

illustration of waterborne ink formulation

For each waterborne ink, finding the right type of dispersant is a very complicated process. Another difficulty is ensuring broad compatibility with various let-down resins. When blending pigment bases and let-down vehicles, pigment shocking can occur with the wrong dispersant – particularly in resin-reduced and resin-free grinds.

Chemistry Behind TEGO Dispers 780W

TEGO Dispers 780 W is Evonik’s new and green dispersant for printing ink, offering an excellent choice for resin-reduced as well as resin-free grinds. It is a polymeric, slightly anionic wetting and dispersing additive for high-quality waterborne ink formulations. It is an excellent choice for resin-containing, resin-reduced as well as resin-free grinds. TEGO Dispers 780 W provides excellent pigment stabilization for organic and inorganic pigments.

Active Matter Content, %



Clear to slightly hazy liquid

Chemical Description

An Aqueous solution of copolymers with groups of high pigment affinity

pH value





Key Benefits of TEGO Dispers 780W

TEGO Dispers 780 W is suitable for resin-containing, resin-reduced and resin-free grinds. It offers excellent viscosity-reduction and displays outstanding color strength development. It has superior pigment stabilization and is shock resistant. Its typical application includes printing inks, inkjet inks, and pigment concentrations.

TEGO Dispers 780 W also provides outstanding regulatory and food contact compliance status.

Looking for a new additive/dispersant for water-based flexographic printing ink with superior food contact status and pigment shock resistance?
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