Toluene Replacement In Contact Cement Adhesive Nipar S 10

With the continuing trend of “care for the environment”, some of the emerging issues for solvent-based products are – consumer & applicator awareness, and regulatory compliance.

Maha Asia has an answer fot this concern on the toxicity of solvents which is Nitroparrafins.  

What are Nitroparaffins?

Nitroparaffins are based on compounds of short-chained Nitroalkanes. It has a high polarity (for azeotrope, polarity), high energy of adsorption (for substrate wetting, dispersion), high conductivity (for electrostatic atomizing), and low molecular weight (for compatibility with most resins, additives).

One of the applications for nitroparaffins is the removal of Toluene in the formulation of Contact Cement Adhesive to make it less toxic, and safer for consumers.

Formulation of Contact Cement Adhesive

Contact Cement Adhesive is composed of a mixture of 20% of the Resin blend, and 80% of the Solvent blend. Below is an experiment, and guide for the Solvent blend as tested using Nipar S-10.

With the above blends, we can compare some basic chemicals properties:

With the above satisfactory results of the experiment, we can replace toxic solvent.

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