April 14, 2022

Mineral building materials tends to absorb moisture and water because of the hydrophilic surfaces and the pore and capillary structure. The absorbed water often results in crack lines, fungus, algae on the wall and early deterioration of the building structure.

A look into Water Resistance on Surfaces

The water resistance of the mineral surfaces can be significant improved by applying a layer of hydrophobic coating such as silicate emulsion paint. The paint containing hydrophobic agents or silicone resins reduced the water uptake dramatically. Silicate paints with hydrophobic agents has the contact angles of approximate up to 130°.

The below table shows that a polysiloxane paint containing 3.6% TEGO® Phobe 1409 (active matter) reduced water uptake significantly.

Our Solutions

TEGO® Phobe 1409 has high water beading effect which reduces the drying time of surfaces. Less biocides will be required to prevent algae and microorganisms on the surfaces. TEGO® Phobe 1409 is an emulsion of amino-functional polysiloxane. It is suitable for use in silicone resin paints, silicate paints, emulsion paints and plasters. It also passes the entry barrier regulatory for eco-labeling.

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