Announcing new office: Maha Chemicals Bangladesh!

18 April 2022

What it's like at Maha Chemicals Bangladesh?

As mentioned in the previous press release, Maha Chemicals is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in Dhaka, Bangladesh to further strengthen its local presence in the fast-developing South Asia market.

Today, let’s welcome our talent to share with us more about insights and goals for Maha Chemicals Bangladesh!

1. Could you share about 1-2 industry/trends? And how it will impact Maha Chemicals Bangladesh?

In terms of industry trends, I see that the textile industry and hand personal care industry is growing rapidly in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, the textile industry is one of the biggest industry networks. We are the second in rank in terms of scalability of exporting, after China in the RMG sector. Apart from this industry, hand personal care industry is growing relatively big as well over here!

With a huge and growing population of 180 million individuals, many industries are seen venturing into and tapping into our market for their business growth, expanding their market reach.

The supply chain network can be traced mostly from China as its the cheapest destination for raw materials.

We have already started to work for the HPC industry and we are closing in some big customers. Since most of the raw materials are procured from China, we have already established a strong network in China which will help us in sourcing good raw materials for the customers.

2. How would you envision the business in Maha Chemicals Bangladesh to be like in 1-2 years time?

According to our goals, we plan to do business with at least 5 big customers in 2- verticals. We are looking at a value of ~$1.5 million to $2 million. The way we are approaching customers is to ensure trust and proper service to them. There is a very positive image displayed for Singaporean based companies because of their trust and ethics. Customers are responding to us very well and are trying to help us at any way possible. We have already created a footprint in the HPC market and is now closely working with 4 customers!

Looking forward to many exciting plans ahead for Maha Chemicals Bangladesh!

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