OptoNano 200

Accurate Measurement Tools

Built on patented Optical Microsphere Nanoscopy (OMN) technologies, is able to resolve target features down to 137nm scale in visible light and ambient air observation, breaking the ~200nm Abbe’s resolution limit and bridging a major gap between optical and electron microscopy.

Accurate In-situ Measurement Tools

Nano pixel is segmented distinctly to achieve higher precision, accuracy and consistency of measurement

Objective Lens and Focusing Stage

Creates seamless and adaptive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for your workflow

Siper Resolution Visible Light Nano-Imaging

Z Axis Travel Range up to 35mm with Loading Capacity of 2kg

Extended Depth Of Field (EDoF)

Over coming limitation of Depth of Field (DoF) from microscope objective lens, high resolution with crystal clear images will be captured with stacking multiple layers together.

Extended Field of View (EFoV)

Stitching multiple field of view together is necessary to obtain a comprehensive data outlook in a single image, while retaining super resolution.


Auto Focus

At the user’s choice, autofocus is easily deployed on the camera setting, allowing users to achieve optimized imaging automatically on target observation.

Image Stitching

Designed in high-resolution (100x lens) and super-resolution (ON200 Lens applied) applications which enable the construction of a high-quality image of larger sample areas (expanded FOV).

High Accuracy Measuring ​Tools

Enable users to conduct both live-view and still image measurement with ease, with 0.5% +/- tolerance (point to point distance measurement), to further enable application analysis.

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