PT Metrology

One Key Precise Instrument

Based on the principle of visual measurement and precision image analysis algorithms, comes with a double telecentric optical lens with a large depth of field. This enables the machines to perform quick dimensional measurements using one of its key features, a one-key operation.

Double Telecentric Optical Lense

Accurate measurement across the entire depth of field without focusing multiple times

Motorized Focusing Stage

Field of View Precision of W6 mm x L106 mm and Image Sensor of 5M CMOS

Motorized Object Table

Z Axis Travel Range up to 35mm with Loading Capacity of 2kg

One-Key Button

Intuitive Interface to allow any operator to take accurate measures with ease

Intelligent Lighting System

Comprises of Four Segment Illumination (White Light) & Telecentric Transmission Illumination (Green Light) System

VisionX Software

Provides diagnosis and analysis with statistical methods


Geometric Tolerance

Straightness, Roundness, Concentricity, Symmetry, Positional Tolerance, Parallelism, Perpendicularity, Profile Tolerance, etc

CNC Mode

Modify the CNC program at any time by adding or removing features. In the CNC program, OK or NG is determined based on tolerance.


The system will generate results promptly after operator place workpiece and select the measuring feature on the system

Coordinate System​

Create a coordinate system using a point-line, a line-line, a translation and rotation coordinate system or, a multi-coordinate system​

Special Tools

Tools such as rounded corner, contour, thread, slot, perimeter, pitch distance, thickness, chamfer, spring, gear, sealing gasket, area, pitch angle, boundary width

Statistical Analysis

The Statistical Value, Trend Chart, Histogram, and Data List tabs are available in the statistical analysis interface

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