SanDraw developed the first patented silicone 3D printing technology - Fluid Additive Manufacturing (FAM).

FAM is designed to 3D print most kinds of silicones such as RTV, LSR, UV-cured and heat-cured. It is capable of handling a wide range of third party materials with varying viscosity and additives. In 2022, San Draw launched S300 printer, which is the first silicone 3D printer capable of printing water-soluble support material.


Medical Device

Sandraw's standard silicone materials are certified biocompatible. It allows direct fabrication of customised medical components, surgical guides, implants and many other medical devices.

Engineering & Mechanical

Sandraw's standard silicone materials are known for their softness and flexibility. A wide range of silicone hardness is available, opening up a wide variety of mechanical applications such as grippers, seals, masking, jigs and fixtures.

Consumer Goods

Sandraw's proprietary 3D printing technique - FAM allows direct fabrication of customised consumer goods such as baby products, shoe soles, sports protection production and more.

Material R&D

Sandraw 3D printers are fully open systems. It allows third party material and parameters customisation. A wide range of viscosity and additives can be used without limits.

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