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Why Choose QLab's QUV Weathering Tester

Advanced UV Exposure control

Accurately simulate various environmental conditions

Multiple Test Modes

UV-A, UV-B, condensation, and moisture exposure for comprehensive testing

Uniform Specimen Exposure

Ensure consistent and reliable test results.

Intuitive User Interface

Easy setup, monitoring, and interpretation.

Durable Construction

Built for long-term reliability

What Sets Us Apart

Precise Simulation

Provides unparalleled precision in simulating real-world weathering conditions, allowing manufacturers to accurately assess the durability and longevity of their products under various environmental stresses.

Customizable Testing

Offers a wide range of customizable testing options, including different UV spectra, humidity levels, and temperature cycles, empowering users to tailor tests to specific industry standards or product requirements.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

With advanced data collection and analysis capabilities, the QUV Weathering tester enables users to gather comprehensive insights into material performance over time, facilitating informed decision-making and product optimization.

Versatile Application Areas

Material Durability Testing

Assessing Durability of materials such as plastics, textiles, etc when exposed to sunlight, moisture & temperature cycles

Product Development

Evaluating performance of new materials & formulations under outdoor environmental conditions

Coating Performance Evaluation

Testing coatings resistance to fading, chalking, and other mechanism caused by UV radiation & moisture exposure

Quality Control

Verify the quality & longevity of products by subjecting samples to accelerated weathering tests

Automotive Testing

Assessing the performance of automotive components under prolonged exposure to sunlight & humidity

Textile Testing

Evaluate the color fastness strength retention, and durability of textiles and fabrics when subjected to simulated outdoor weathering conditions

Plastic Weathering Studies

Study the effects of UV radiation on the mechanical properties, color stability and overall durability of plastic materials

Building Material Testing

Test weathering resistance of building materials such as paints and plastics

Corrosion Testing

Evaluate the corrosion resistance of metals & coatings by subjecting them to cyclic exposure to UV light, moisture, and temperature variations

Accelerated Aging Studies

Simulate years of o​utdoor exposure in a short period to predict service life and performance of materials

How QLab's QUV Solve Your Challenges

The QUV Weathering Tester provides Advanced UV Exposure Control to precisely simulate environmental conditions, enabling accurate durability assessments of your materials.

Achieve Uniform Specimen Exposure with the QUV Weathering Tester, ensuring consistent and reliable results across all tests, reducing uncertainty and errors.

Utilize Multiple Test Modes to simulate various environmental conditions, helping you meet diverse industry standards and regulatory requirements with confidence.

The QUV Weathering Tester’s Durable Construction ensures long-term reliability and performance, significantly reducing the risk of premature product failures.

Missed opportunities for innovation holding back your product development efforts due to lack of weathering testing capabilities?

With Comprehensive Data Analysis, the QUV Weathering Tester provides detailed insights into material performance, driving innovation and product optimization.

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