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Used in architectural coatings, Opacity Pigments provides the partial replacement of TiO₂ , optimizing TiO₂ efficiency without compromising the paint quality. This is cheaper than TiO₂, enabling significant cost savings for your coating needs. Furthermore, Opacity Pigments contributes lower carbon footprint as compared to the traditional TiO₂.

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Sustainable Product

Reducing Formaldehyde Levels in Indoor Spaces

Formaldehyde, a type of VOC, typically added to paint to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth. However, it is usually released into the air from freshly painted surfaces and if if the formaldehyde levels increase in indoor spaces it may causing asthma and other respiratory issues.

So, how do we can improve the quality of indoor air?

Using low VOC products and formaldehyde scavenging systems, could significantly reduce the air contaminant levels indoor to build a healthier and safer environment. With the current safety and environmental concerns, green labels and certifications have been advocated to meet sustainable standards✅

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